How to get higher Google rankings using fresh content

According to an often-quoted report from analysts Forrester, 93 percent of all online experiences start with a search engine.

If you want to reach those potential customers, it is very important for your auto shop’s website to appear on the first page of Google search results. Websites that appear on the first page of Google receive 91.5 percent of search traffic — most people just don’t bother going beyond the first page.

You may not realize it, but your auto shop’s website is a living part of the internet. Every update you make to your company’s website impacts the interaction with potential customers, current customers and the powerful search engines. If you update your website on a routine basis with quality content, search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing will reward you for it.

Google loves fresh content

Google is by far the most popular and influential search engine. For an auto industry business, the more relevant the content is to tires and auto repair, the greater the ranking potential your website has. Each time you update your website with an informative article or special promotion, another page is created and indexed by Google.

The “Googlebot” that crawls the internet is constantly searching for web pages that are new or updated and then adds the fresh content to the Google index. If you update your content on a regular basis with reliable and valuable information, then you have a better chance of Google ranking your site higher.

So, add a blog, an image, a coupon, etc., to get your site noticed. The easiest and most effective way to stay fresh is to add a blog article to your website and continue to add articles on a weekly basis. Importantly, try to do it on the same day and at the same time every week.

Content helps define your website

Content provides information, and this information is used to inform search engines about your website. You should always keep in mind how your website is portrayed to search engines and whether it accurately communicates your website’s purpose. When visitors come to your site, they’re most likely looking for something — a service, new tires, information about the business and so on. A great way to provide information and details about tires and services is through content. Giving visitors the information they’re looking for in a clear and simple way can help keep them on your site and increase conversions (that is, orders for your goods and services).
More content means more keywords
“Keywords” are words and phrases that describe the content of a website. Ideally, you want to be found online based on keywords that best describe your products and services.

Keywords allow search engines to direct the right visitors to your website. Content is a great way to highlight these keywords in a natural, relevant way. It can also help search engines make the connection between your website and the keywords that are most pertinent to your business.

Let’s take a look at Wiygul Automotive Clinic’s “Car Care Tips” section of their website:


New articles are posted on a weekly basis. In just a three-week time span, they have added and been indexed for keywords related to windshield wipers, tires and TPMS sensors. So now if people are searching for information on these services in their local geography, their site is much more likely to show up higher in the organic search results.

Fresh content helps your website get indexed more often

The more frequently you update your website with articles, coupons, images and web pages, the more frequently a search engine will stop by to visit your website. When search engines look at your site more frequently, you have the opportunity to achieve higher search rankings based on the content you provide.

Content keeps customers informed

Thanks to the internet, everyone tries to diagnose their own health and even car issues. People use the internet to search for things like, “Why is my car engine light on?” Updating your website with such information can convert a visitor into a customer. By providing relevant and helpful information, your business can not only become an authority on that topic on the net but also develop long-term customer loyalty.

Taran Sodhi is chief executive officer of Conceptual Minds — a digital marketing agency specializing in the tire and auto industry.

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