Flynn’s Tire Group Opens New Warehouse in New Stanton, PA

After 18 years at their warehouse in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, FTW, the wholesale division of the Flynn’s Tire Group, has relocated to nearby New Stanton, Pennsylvania, investing in a new, 150,000 square foot facility that offers more than triple the square footage and tire storage capacity than the previous location. The new warehouse also features 22 loading docks as well as large training and conference rooms.

Warehouse Manager Spencer Shearer is excited about the possibilities that this new location offers. He says, “The new warehouse will have more choices for customers and will be easily accessible via the turnpike, and surrounding highways.” With greater inventory selection and a more accessible location, FTW is set to deliver its customers one of the best wholesale experiences around.

Demand for tires has rapidly increased in recent years. Flynn’s Tire Group first responded to this growth in 2020 and opened a 150,000 square foot warehouse in Masury, Ohio. Now, with the addition of the new warehouse in New Stanton, FTW’s total warehouse space measures approximately 400,000 square feet. Additionally, in the past two years, FTW has increased its fleet of delivery trucks and tire sales over 50%. In 2022 alone, FTW distributed over 1.4 million tires from its warehouses. Currently, there are over 450,000 consumer tires in stock and 70 fleet vehicles serving Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Maryland, and West Virginia.

In response to the company’s rapid growth, Flynn’s Tire Group President, Joe Flynn III, says, “This investment in building and technology allows us to serve our customers more effectively and give our customers and our associates a better overall experience.” The facility will feature new, advanced technologies for the FTW division, such as an Intelliguide Wire System (among others), aimed at increasing storage density, enhancing productivity, and ensuring tracking accuracy. According to FTW’s General Manager, John Casey, “The new warehouse and new technology was a major investment in the wholesale division by the Flynn family.”

Flynn’s Tire Group, parent company of FTW, was founded in 1964 in Sharon, Pennsylvania by the Flynn family. Over the past six decades the company has grown to become a well-known regional tire dealer and wholesaler, boasting 37 locations across Ohio and Pennsylvania in retail, wholesale, and commercial. To this day, Flynn’s Tire Group takes pride in still being a family owned business and is looking forward to many more years of growth and expansion.

As FTW paves the way for the future of wholesale tire distribution, it looks forward to expanding into new markets, acquiring additional warehouses, and ensuring its customers the best experience – now and for many years to come.

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