Falken Tires launches new Studless Winter Performance Tire

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Falken Tires has introduced the new Eurowinter HS01 and HS01 SUV Studless Winter Performance Tire, offering excellent winter traction for today’s sedans, coupes, SUVs and CUVs.

Developed to perform in the harshest winter conditions, the Eurowinter HS01 offers an improved tread compound over its predecessor, the Eurowinter HS449, enabling drivers accustomed to snow on roadways to perform even more effectively, thanks to the Eurowinter tire line’s confident grip and its predictable performance in ice and snow.

Equally important, Falken’s proprietary 4D Nano Design and its silica dispersion technology ensures the winter performance studless HS01 remains pliable and functional in freezing temperatures, while 3D Canyon Sipes and its biting edges provide increased snow and ice traction without compromising vehicle stability.

Additionally, a new uni-directional tread pattern, with central transverse grooves extending from the center area that expand in width to the shoulders, facilitates higher levels of snow performance and more efficient water dispersion – via wider exits – for improved wet grip and hydroplaning resistance.

“Modern high-performance vehicles demand winter tires of equal caliber,” declared Rick Brennan, Falken’s Vice President of Marketing. “Falken’s Eurowinter HS01 and HS01 SUV tires are built to help drivers conquer icy and snowy roads with confidence.”

As the replacement to the popular Eurowinter HS449, the new Eurowinter HS01 and HS01 SUV have five percent improved snow braking and six percent improved wet braking and come in 31 sizes for the HS01, from 16-inches to 21-inches, and 11 sizes for the HS01 SUV from 18-inches to 21-inches. All sizes are either V- or W-speed rated for today’s modern high-performance vehicles, allowing for high-speed capability in colder temperatures.

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