Falken Tire introduces the new RI191 All-Position truck tire

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Falken Tire launches RI191 All-Position Tire: Delivering Long Mileage, Built For High Scrub Delivery Routes.

Introducing the Falken RI191, the all-new All-Position tire built to handle high scrub delivery routes, and engineered to deliver long tread life and even wear. Falken Tires has expanded its Commercial product line-up to meet increasing demand for the fast-growing 19.5 segment, further cementing the brand’s reputation for delivering experience and dependability to top fleets across North America.

The all-new RI191 offers high mileage capability for aggressive, high scrub applications, positioning this tire at the top of the 19.5 segment. The four-rib design, shallow tread sipes, and an all-new carbon particle cap compound made possible by Falken’s 4D Nano Technology come together to promote increased tread life and healthy, even wear over time. When all’s said and done, Falken developed the ideal tire for delivery vehicles.

“Falken’s field engineers conducted three years’ worth of extensive testing to maximize the performance of the RI191. We’re pleased to have developed this top-of-the-line All-Position tire, and we’re thrilled to offer it to our commercial customers,” said Raul Garcia, Falken Tires Product Planning, Commercial Truck and Bus Tires.

Additional highlights of the RI191 include up to 16-Ply rating, 17-18/32nd tread depth and 75-81 MPH speed rated. A stone defense feature in the center groove allows for casing protection and aids in urban and on-highway applications.

The RI191 will be available for customer orders starting August 2020.

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