Dunlop selected as original equipment tire for new Lexus UX

© Sumitomo Rubber Industries

Sumitomo Rubber Industries announced it is supplying Dunlop “SP SPORT MAXX 050 DSST CTT” run-flat tires to Lexus for use as factory standard tires on their new model Lexus, UX, which went on sale this November.

The Lexus UX is a compact crossover SUV that is being newly added to the Lexus lineup. The Dunlop “SP SPORT MAXX 050 DSST CTT” tires harness cutting-edge run-flat tire technology to provide not only superior handling and stability, but also the refined riding comfort that LEXUS envisioned for their brand new Lexus UX.

Run-flat tires are tires that can continue running at a designated speed and for a certain distance* even when completely flat (i.e. when internal air pressure is zero). These tires not only contribute to improved safety, but also save resources and reduce overall vehicle weight by eliminating the need for spare tires.

*The speed and running distance requirements of run-flat tires vary from vehicle to vehicle.

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