Do You Love to Drive? Here’s How to Get Paid for It

Do you live for life on the open road? Does getting behind the wheel bring you the same thrill it did the day you got your license? Have you ever considered turning your passion for driving into a way to make a living — or pad your current income? Maybe you’ve thought about it but haven’t jumped in yet. Maybe you’re not convinced that it will pay off. Maybe change is daunting to you. Whatever your reasons are for not pursuing it, there are some pretty great reasons why you should. Keep reading for three ways you can do what you love and get paid to do it.

1.) Go for a Big Rig

If you already have your commercial driver’s license (or CDL) and have some experience with driving commercial vehicles, congratulations! You’ve already gotten your foot in the door. But to take things one step further, you’ll want to make sure you meet certain criteria both professionally and personally in order to truly succeed and operate a truck safely. Driving a truck is a huge undertaking and it’s imperative that you’re totally dedicated when it comes to the responsibilities it brings. Cover your bases by refreshing yourself on these important truck driving tips to ensure you’re up to date and ready to pursue truck driving as a career.

It’s important to note that trucking is such a vital part of the country’s ability to function smoothly. So many depend on the transport of food, supplies, clothing and other items. If you’re up to the challenge and have confidence in your ability to manage stress, troubleshoot, stick to a schedule and look out for yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, trucking could be the perfect match for you. The projected job market for the future of the industry is also very promising. And during this time when job security is so incredibly vital to everyone’s well-being, this is a huge selling point.

2.) Put Your Daily Driver to Work

If your schedule is fairly flexible — maybe you work part time, maybe you’re a homemaker or maybe you’re retired and looking for a little extra cash to pad your wallet — you have so many options! Contract with a rideshare company such as Uber or Lyft, or get into the grocery or take out delivery scene with companies such as Instacart or Grubhub. You’ll definitely want to do your research on what’s the best option for you and your current situation. Remember to pay close attention to safety measures, especially because these types of gigs all include the responsibility of transporting or closely interacting with people you don’t know. Make sure your vehicle is in optimal condition and up to date with inspections and insurance as well.

3.) Head Back to School

Driving a school bus might not have crossed your mind — but it can be a really great option for the right candidate. Aside from a CDL and a clean driving record, it’s important that you’re punctual, a good communicator, patient and a stickler for safety. There are several other qualifications and stipulations, so familiarize yourself with them if you decide to pursue this as a career or even a side job, depending on the positions available. While school bus drivers typically operate during the calendar school year, keep an eye out for other driving jobs — think summer camps or field trips. Alternatively, you might find driving a bus for a town or city to be a good option as well.

Sometimes finding new ways to earn money while doing something you love can seem like a far reach, but it’s not impossible. Sometimes all it takes is stepping out of your comfort zone to find a way to make it happen. Having confidence in your abilities is a huge part of this, as is having the will to learn.

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