Here’s the deal: Cooper’s new Mastercraft Courser CXT

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Here’s the deal: Cooper’s new Mastercraft Courser CXT

Cooper Tire is expanding its Mastercraft line of premium light truck tires. They’ve added the Courser CXT — a “rugged, hard-working light truck tire that is engineered to handle rough off-road conditions, while maintaining highway traction through all four seasons” — to the family of tires.

Cooper Tire said the Courser CXT features advanced technology, including a unique silica-rich tread compound for great all-season grip and tread wear on the highway, solid traction on off-road terrains, and durable cut and chip resistance for sharp gravel roads.

Key design features of the Mastercraft Courser CXT

Here are some of the key design features:

• Large surface area tread blocks to provide increased grip on and off-road while improving wear performance

• Optimized void-to-rubber ratio so the amount of rubber on the road is optimized to provide rough terrain traction and enhance on highway driving comfort and feel.

• Enhanced upper sidewall design. The shoulder design increases off-road traction with side traction blocks and the circumferential raised rubber feature protects against sidewall abrasion and impacts. Large shoulder scallops to provide a “mud-scoop” effect for dependable off-road traction while giving the CXT a more aggressive look, to enhance the appearance of almost any light truck vehicle.

• The Courser CXT is M and S rated.


The Mastercraft Courser CXT

Improved wet traction

“Its variable full-depth siping increases wet traction, while providing extra biting edges for enhanced off-road traction,” the company said in a statement.

“In addition, the Courser CXT is built to last and offers a Duo-Tech2 two-ply carcass construction for strong performance. Its large tread elements and blocky design helps to resist abnormal wear while enhancing tread stability and durability.”

The Courser CXT is available in 29 popular sizes ranging from 15 to 20-inch rim diameters. Cooper says the tire is designed for today’s light trucks (up to one ton) and high-powered torque vehicles.

More information and full sizes and specifications are available online here.

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