Continental launches new intelligent tires at Agritechnica 2019

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Continental Tire is launching new VF TractorMaster Hybrid with intelligent sensors for digital tire monitoring at Agritechnica 2019.

The new hybrid tires incorporate pressure sensors to help the operator minimize soil compaction in the field and reduce wear on the road, as well as the proven systems ContiPressureCheck for single vehicles and ContiConnect for fleets as smart solutions for the agricultural industry.

Continental VF TractorMaster Hybrid: Consistent performance from the road to the field

The Continental VF TractorMaster Hybrid tires are designed to give operators the technology to efficiently adjust the pressure to correspond with the task.

The structure of the Continental VF TractorMaster Hybrid tire carcass is more resistant than standard tires so it can operate at lower pressures in the field and at higher speeds on the road, while carrying the same load. This has added importance as underinflated tires on the road increase fuel consumption, whilst overinflated tires in the field lead to increased soil compaction. For optimum performance in all conditions, the hybrid tire, coupled with integrated tire sensors, is capable of being quickly inflated for road use and deflated for field use. When fitted to tractors with onboard air compressors the pressure of the tire can be monitored and adjusted by the operator without needing to leave the cab.

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Combining tire technology and automotive electronics to increase efficiency and safety

Continental developed a completely integrated tire pressure monitoring system consisting of different components, which include the sensors, a yard reader station, backend management as well as a web portal and notification service.

With ContiConnect, the data gathered by the sensors will be collected by a yard reader station as the vehicle passes by the receiver in the yard and sends the data to the backend where it is analyzed and interpreted. The yard reader station is installed at the fleet´s frequent touch points, like washing bays, gas stations, the farm or other check-points. By providing this information the fleet benefits from a reduced number of breakdowns, lowers maintenance costs, and generates value by increasing the vehicle’s uptime.

ContiPressureCheck operates on individual vehicles to provide the operator with real time tire data. Together the technology offers a comprehensive insight into how agricultural machinery tires are performing. The sensor in the tire measures and communicates the pressure and the tire temperature to help the operator decide on the optimum running pressure.

Both systems are quick and easy to install and guarantee a high data accuracy since measurement errors are avoided through the sensors mounted inside the tire.

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