Coker Tire releases new BF Goodrich 225/60R16 Whitewall Tire

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Coker Tire announces a new tire in its line of products, the BF Goodrich Silvertown 225/60R16 whitewall radial tire, a replacement tire for late model luxury cars.

Coker Tire’s specialty is whitewall tires for a wide variety of vehicles. Whitewall tires have always been a symbol of luxury and style, and auto manufacturers dictated the width of whitewalls through the years. From the 1940’s through the 1970’s, whitewalls shrank year by year. This ultimately led to a 3/8-inch pinstripe whitewall, and this was the standard whitewall width for many years, even into the 1990’s. The new BF Goodrich Silvertown radial tire fills a void in the market, as it fits full size luxury cars, such as 1988 to 1992 Lincoln Continental Mark VII, 1992-1996 Cadillac and many others utilizing 16×7-inch wheels.

Coker Tire’s new BF Goodrich 225/60R16 pinstripe whitewall radial is now available and is a specialty item that fills a void in the late model luxury car market. BF Goodrich 225/60R16 whitewall radials are built in the USA and feature Coker Tire’s exclusive Life of the Tread Warranty.

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