PR disaster alert: Check your workers’ tires!

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A tire shop employee getting pulled over by the police and fined for bald tires: It’d never happen, right?

Wrong. It happened in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, a couple of weeks ago.

The driver concerned was pulled over during a highway safety blitz. He was literally on his way to work at the local tire shop. There wasn’t a shred of tread left on the tire and he actually told police that in the icy conditions “he had difficulty even driving out of his driveway that morning on the tires.”

You can read the full story in the Vernon Morning Star newspaper here. It’s unbelievable.

Fortunately, the newspaper (and the other reports about the same incident Traction News has seen) did not name the tire shop where the man worked. But this could easily have been a public relations nightmare for the tire dealer concerned. Never mind being ticketed by the authorities at a vehicle safety blitz, what if he’d had an accident and injured or killed someone (or himself) because of his bald tires? The media would have had a field day with it.

While every motorist is responsible for his or her own vehicle, it might just pay to check the tread on your employees’ vehicles. It won’t cost you anything but five minutes of your time, and it could save you (and them) a big headache down the track.

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