Carlstar Group introduces new CSL16 All-Steel Radial Tire

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The Carlstar Group announced the launch of the CSL16 all-steel ply radial tire sold under the Carlisle brand. The CSL16 tire is the newest addition to the Carlisle brand trailer portfolio and offers heavy duty hauling capabilities for large equipment and extremely heavy loads.

“The addition of the CSL16 all-steel radial tire expands our already robust specialty trailer tire portfolio and creates opportunities for our customers to take industrial hauling to the next level,” said Laren Harmen, Executive Vice President of Sales for The Carlstar Group. “The robust construction of the CSL16 tire increases performance, strength, and durability that caters to every hauling need.”



The CSL16 tire features an all-steel body that provides an extra strength load rating of up to 4,400 pounds of towing capacity – making it the highest load rating of any Carlisle brand trailer tire available. Its robust construction combined with an industrial highway tread design leads to extended service life on the highway and protects against environmental elements.

The CSL16 tire is available in two sizes, ST235/80R16 and ST235/85R16. For additional information, please visit

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