Camso showcase latest remanufacturing capabilities of Kansas facility

Camso showcased its latest remanufacturing capabilities and facility to customers, community leaders and media at its Remanufacturing Facility on June 21, 2018, in Emporia, Kansas.

“Guests saw the high level of quality put into every Camso product, along with our extensive product testing and quality control processes,” said Martin Lunkenbein, Service and Aftermarket Sales Executive Director – Agriculture at Camso. “As the industry leader in tracks, Camso has the knowledge and technology to ensure the most effective remanufacturing of these agricultural products that is possible.” Lunkenbein said these events provide our partners with an exclusive look at Camso’s level of product expertise, knowledge and technology, in addition to providing them with the evidence they are receiving the best value and customer support.

During the one-day premier, Camso welcomed guests and took them on an exclusive guided tour of the facility to witness firsthand the wheels and tracks remanufacturing process. “Our experienced customer support center works tirelessly to ensure hassle-free remanufacturing from start to finish,” Lunkenbein said.

This past March Camso launched its certified remanufactured tracks and wheels program to help customers get multiple lives from their tracked machine’s used wheels and tracks. Remanufacturing is available for tracks taken from friction drive tractors, and for midroller wheels of all tractors.

“It’s a game changer in the way people buy and use tracks and wheels. Customers can now think of a product that provides the lowest operating cost through its first life, while considering the multiple lives that can be delivered after its initial cycle. A track carcass and wheel core still have a value and can be remanufactured if they’re not worn to the bone,” Lunkenbein explained. “The program allows customers to return their used Camso wheels and tracks to their local dealer instead of dealing with the headaches and costs of disposing of them. Customers can then buy a Camso certified remanufactured product from our inventory, have their used tracks and wheels remanufactured at the Camso plant or purchase a brand new one from our lineup.”

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