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Bridgestone has released improved versions of five tires, including four popular Firestone lines.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2017 releases of the Firestone All-Season, Transforce AT2, Destination MT/2 and the Winterforce UV — and the Bridgestone Dueler HT685 truck tire.

Firestone All-Season

There has been a lot of interest from dealers in the new all-weather model All-Season. It’s the most affordable of the four new products in the Firestone brand, but the more important thing here is the increased coverage. Bridgestone says the All-Season now has 72 percent combined coverage across cars, CUVs and SUVs — compared to 59 percent for the FR710.


Firestone All-Season.

Bridgestone says the tire is built for a balance of capabilities (as you’d expect in an all-season tire) in wet, dry and snowy conditions, all year long. It’s backed by an up-to 65,000 mile treadwear warranty (55,000 miles in certain conditions).

Traction News understands that the first sizes to become available will be released in March. By August, 49 sizes will be available, including CUV tires.

Firestone Transforce AT2

Bridgestone says the new Transforce AT2 covers 95 percent of the light truck tire segment and has improved performance in several key conditions.

It’s built for strong on- and off-road performance, with a built-in chip and tear resistant compound that’s tough enough to deal with rough road conditions like gravel. Compared to the Transforce AT it has deeper tread features to improve wet and snow traction and prolong the good performance of the tire over its service life.

firestone 2

Notice the deeper tread pattern on the Transforce AT2 compared to its predecessor tire.

The tire will be available beginning in April in 16 sizes, from LT215 / 85R16 to LT265/60R20.

Firestone Destination M/T2

The Destination M/T2 is, as the name suggests, an upgrade on the popular off-roading tire, the Destination M/T. The improved version comes with a new tread compound, 3-ply sidewall construction and more aggressive upper sidewall lugs (to give more mud traction and greater resistance to chips and tears).

The tread pattern has 23 attack angles, for stronger pulling power, and mud and stone ejectors to help clear debris. The additional grooves have given the tire 20 percent more biting edges than its predecessor, Bridgestone says.


Firestone Destination M/T2 has 20 percent more biting edges.

Traction News understands the tire will be ready for sales in 29 sizes in July.

Firestone Winterforce 2

Firestone’s improved winter tire now covers 14 percent more CUVs, SUVs and pickups.

The 3-Peak-Mountain-Snowflake-carrying tire has a special cold weather compound with open shoulder slots and a tread design meant to give better grip in wintery conditions compared to an all-season tire.


The Firestone Winterforce 2.

The tire will be released in 52 sizes in July.

Bridgestone Dueler HT685

Bridgestone has 97 percent of the light truck segment covered with the Dueler HT685. The tire is built with heavy-duty steel belts and 2-ply polyester so it can handle towing and heavy loads.

The HT685 has better winter performance than the Transforce HT, with a tread design engineered to retain traction in snowy conditions. Bridgestone claims its new tread-to-road-contact footprint allows the tire to adapt to the load and promote more even wear.


The new Bridgestone Dueler HT685 comes with white or black lettering.

The Dueler HT685 will be available in sizes LT215/85R16 to LT285/60R20. Sixteen sizes will be available from March and one size from October.

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