Bridgestone to provide $100 vaccine support payment for U.S. employees

Bridgestone Americas is providing a one-time, $100 payment to all U.S. employees who choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine payment will be available to the company’s more than 33,000 employees in the United States. The company is also exploring options to deploy a comparable program to employees in Canada and Latin America as the vaccine becomes more widely available. Bridgestone is among the first major employers in its industry to initiate a financial payment to employees choosing to get the vaccine.

“Throughout the pandemic, our employees have done an extraordinary job working to keep each other safe, while also finding innovative ways to serve our customers and communities,” said Paolo Ferrari, president, CEO & COO, Bridgestone Americas. “As we now move into vaccine distribution, the well-being and safety of all Bridgestone employees remains the company’s most important value, and we are committed to providing educational resources and support for employees to make an informed decision about the vaccine.”

Bridgestone is providing the $100 support payment to remove barriers for employees who choose to get the vaccine, such as missing work, child care transportation costs, or other potential obstacles. In addition to the payment, the company will continue its proactive COVID-19 education and outreach to employees which includes the latest informational materials from Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and continued reminders about the importance of social distancing, mask usage, and increased handwashing.

While the company is encouraging employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine, the program is voluntary.

In addition to the company’s Americas headquarters in downtown Nashville, Tenn., Bridgestone’s U.S. presence includes 16 tire and retread manufacturing facilities, research & development centers in Akron, Ohio and Fishers, Ind., as well as more than 2,200 company-owned tire and automotive service centers.

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