Bridgestone showcases Tire Assessment in Dallas

GCR tire check | © Bridgestone/GCR

Bridgestone showcases Tire Assessment in Dallas

Bridgestone’s GCR Tires & Service division showcased its new commercial Tire Assessment at the Great American Trucking Show (GATS) in Dallas on Friday. The demonstration showed the importance of tire maintenance and new technology designed to increase uptime and improve safety for commercial tires.

GCR says its Tire Assessment is an evaluation providing a standardized method for checking a customer’s complete vehicle to help them make informed tire and maintenance decisions with a goal to minimize downtime and drive bottom-line savings. It is the second year GCR has attended to demonstrate tire safety innovations at one of the U.S.’s biggest trucking shows.

GCR Tire Assessment was officially launched in Spring this year and involves Tire Industry Association-trained technicians performing a thorough check at every wheel position for telltale signs of tire health, such as incorrect inflation pressure, irregular wear, mismatched tread depths, cuts, cracks, bulges and penetrations. The GCR technicians then interpret the data and provide consistent, safety-focused preventive service recommendations customers need to avoid downtime, as well as expensive and unexpected repairs.

Tire Assessment about safety and efficiency

“Taking proper care of tires is one of the most important factors in keeping equipment operating safely and efficiently,” said GCR Tires & Service Director of Operations Jason Evans. “That’s why we created a standardized, thorough method of inspection. The GCR Tire Assessment helps our customers make informed decisions about tire and equipment maintenance.”

More than 10,000 Tire Assessments have been performed by GCR’s TIA-trained technicians to date and the company says it is all part of its commitment to provide ongoing education and services promoting proper tire care and maintenance. These measures include ensuring customers have the right tire for the job, proper inflation pressures and tire rotations at each of GCR’s 200 locations coast-to-coast.

“The GCR Tire Assessment is an innovative solution that is delivering real improvements in the safety and efficiency of our customers’ businesses,” said GCR Tires & Service president John Vasuta. “We work hard to deliver dependable, best-in-class service and develop innovative solutions that allow drivers to make informed decisions on the road.”

The Great American Trucking Show is a trucking convention with over 500,000 feet of exhibit space held in Dallas in August each year. Events at the show include Overdrive’s Pride and Polish Truck Beauty Competition, educational sessions sponsored by TXTA, and exhibits from leaders in the heavy duty trucking industry.

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