Bridgestone launches Battlax Adventure A41, Battlax Sport Touring T31

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Bridgestone launches two new Battlax tyres in the Touring and Adventure segments.

These new products spring directly from Bridgestone’s continuous development programme, aiming to ensure that bikers always have the latest technologies available to them.

New Battlax Adventure A41

Bridgestone, has deployed its Battlax on-road expertise in the Adventure tire segment, with the launch of Battlax Adventure A41.

For trail on-road bikers who love exploring, Adventure A41 provides top-level wet grip and handling reassurance that will help them go wherever they want, in any conditions.

The new Battlax Adventure A41 package includes Bridgestone’s triple-layer compound technology on front and rear, providing a balance of top handling and wear life performance, plus a cap and base configuration on the tyre shoulder that improves stability in cornering.

A new Bridgestone compound, providing more grip in low temperatures and wet conditions, combines with a tread pattern designed with higher void ratio in the shoulder area, for improved water drainage. The large-block design provides the necessary rigidity for high-speed straight and cornering stability.

New Battlax Sport Touring T31

Bridgestone has upgraded its motorcycle line-up with the launch of Battlax Sport Touring T31: a combination of high-level safety and performance to give riders full confidence in all conditions.

At the heart of the new Battlax Sport Touring T31 concept is the enhanced wet grip and handling while maximising contact feel, so that riders feel safe and in control, free to enjoy the thrill of every ride.

The T31 tread pattern is designed with a higher void ratio on the shoulders, for higher water drainage, and reduced void ratio in the centre area of the rear tread, to maintain good high-speed stability. The contact patch is up to 7% larger, from upright to full lean angle, generating a higher camber thrust for more confident cornering.

Nico Thuy, Head of Motorcycle Europe, Bridgestone EMEA, summarises: “New Battlax T31 is the perfect partner for bikers who want to put the sport back in touring. With its outstanding wet grip and contact feel, T31 gives full confidence to riders.”

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