Bridgestone adds new tires to Battlecross and Battlax motorcycle tire line

© Bridgestone

Bridgestone announced it is launching three motorcycle tires: the Battlax Classic Racing CR11, Battlax BT46 touring tire and the Battlecross E50 Extreme Motorcycle Tire.

The Battlax Classic Racing CR11 tire for classic bike races will be available in one front tire size and one rear tire size when released in each market starting in February 2020. Battlax Classic Racing CR11 tires are a direct line of Racing Battlax tires that utilize the technologies Bridgestone has cultivated over years of developing tires for motorcycle races. These tires feature an optimized pattern design and compound based on Battlax Racing R11 circuit racing motorcycle tires to realize both the high grip and the superior stability required in classic bike races.


Battlax Classic Racing CR11 tire | © BRIDGESTONE

The Battlax BT46 tires will be available in eight front tire sizes and 17 rear tire sizes when released in each market starting in February 2020. The Battlax BT46 tires are the successor to the popular Bridgestone BATTLAX BT45 tires, which have provided strong support for a variety of riders since their launch in 1998. Using cutting-edge technologies, Bridgestone succeeded in upgrading the BT45 tire’s wet performance, while maintaining the level of dry handling performance for which BT45 tires are known, to realize more stable riding on wet surfaces. Accordingly, BT46 tires can function on a variety of surfaces, whether riding in town, going on long touring trips, or driving on winding roads.

The lineup of Battlax BT46 tires is scheduled to be expanded by an additional 14 sizes in 2021 and another eight sizes in 2022. Bridgestone is committed to supporting a variety of riders with a broad lineup of BATTLAX and other tire brands.


The Battlax BT46 tires | © BRIDGESTONE

The Battlecross E50 Extreme tire will be available in one rear tire size (140/80-18 70M) when released in each market starting in February 2020. Battlecross E50 Extreme tire is based on the Battlecross E50 tires launched in 2019 and has been developed for hard enduro competitions, which entail the most difficult terrain of all enduro competitions. E50 EXTREME tire utilizes the rear tire tread pattern of the E50 paired with a soft compound tread rubber to realize the powerful grip and superior riding stability required in hard enduro competitions.

The Battlecross E50 Extreme tire | © BRIDGESTONE

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