Bridgestone establishes new mining solution base in Australia

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Bridgestone Corporation announced that Bridgestone Earthmover Tyres, a subsidiary in Australia that sells and provides services related to tires for mining vehicles and conveyor belts, has established a new mining solution base in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The new base, known as the Pilbara Mining Solution Center (PMSC), commenced operations on November 10, 2017.

PMSC is located close to both mines and ports, making it possible to swiftly provide products used in these facilities, including tires for mining vehicles, conveyor belts, and hydraulic hoses, as well as related services on a one-stop basis. Based on the concept of “Pit to Port,” PMSC will offer support for all procedures from excavating minerals at mines to transporting them to the ports from which they are shipped to other countries. It will help customers in managing their mining facilities efficiently subsequently improving productivity, increasing asset value, and optimizing costs. Moreover, PMSC will deliver customized solutions that are intrinsically linked to the actual sites of operations by combining services including sales, maintenance, and repair of tires for mining vehicles.


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In addition, PMSC will utilize digital solution platforms developed by the Bridgestone Group, including B-TAG*1 and TreadStat Tire and Rim Management software ,*2 to accumulate and analyze data in its IT room. This process will enable PMSC to provide feedback for further optimizing customers’ operations and thereby contribute to productivity and asset value.

*1. Bridgestone Intelligent Tag, a system that delivers real-time measurement of both tire pressure and temperature of radial tires for construction and mining vehicles during operation to drivers and operation managers.

*2. Management software for tires for construction and mining vehicles and their rims

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