Bridgestone chosen as OE tire for new electric Audi e-tron SUV

© Bridgestone

Bridgestone has been chosen by Audi as original equipment supplier for the car company’s first all-electric SUV, the Audi e-tron.

The two companies established a list of demands that would highlight the specifications of the new model, from its acceleration to the in-vehicle comfort and silence, all while ensuring ultimate safety and without any drop in performance. Audi has selected Bridgestone for supply of six different tyres from 19’’ to 21’’ – four summer and two winter sizes – as original fitments.

‘We are pleased to have been chosen by Audi to provide tires as original equipment for their first-ever fully electric vehicle,’ says Mark Tejedor, Vice President of Original Equipment at Bridgestone EMEA. ‘Audi has created a vehicle that is innovative, environmentally friendly and offers incredible driving comfort. It is only logical that it is being paired with Bridgestone tyres that offer the same characteristics. In an industry in rapid transformation where vehicles are becoming more and more CASE – connected, autonomous, shared and electric, Bridgestone delivers new solutions and technologies answering car manufacturer’s most demanding challenges thanks notably to our industry’s leading investments in R&D.’

Bridgestone fitted Alenza 001 summer tires; specially designed for SUVs, the tire has a block structure that optimizes contact with the road to improve steering response on corners and stability when driving on a straight. It has been awarded the EU label Grade A for wet grip – the best on the market.

For winter conditions, Bridgestone delivered the Blizzak LM 001 for its dependable cornering and handling on wet, dry, icy, slushy and snowy roads. The tire combines a high-silica compound imbued with Bridgestone’s Nano Pro-Tech polymer to ensure excellent grip.

A great rolling resistance for optimum autonomy

Autonomy is one of the most important considerations of any all-electric vehicle. This is only possible with a low level of rolling resistance – an area in which the Bridgestone tires have been awarded with the best-in-class EU label Grade A. The tires work perfectly with the e-tron to enable it to travel 400 km on a single charge. They also offer an excellent wear performance and are an excellent response to the demands and abilities of the all-electric e-tron to optimize driving pleasure and the driving experience on the whole.

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