BKT adds to ATV lineup with Sierra Max


BKT has added a new tire, the Sierra Max, to join its lineup for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and quads.

BKT says that whether it’s needed for use in the mud or the desert, the Sierra Max is suitable for the most extreme off-road terrains. Mainly designed for racing, the tire offers “a high level of comfort, ensuring a long tire life cycle at the same time.”

“Specifically designed for racing vehicles whizzing through muddy areas and deserts, and over rocky surfaces, this tire features a radial structure enabling a very agile drive along with a comfortable ride even under the toughest conditions,” the company said.

“The special tread pattern provides for a large footprint on the ground ensuring exceptional front and lateral traction. In addition, the reinforced shoulder provides excellent sidewall protection. Moreover, this tire is made of a particular cut- and chip-resistant compound, and it distinguishes for outstanding self-cleaning properties – an essential feature for usage on dirt terrains.”

Sierra Max is available in four sizes: AT 26 X 9 R 14, AT 26 X 11 R 14, AT 27 X 9 R 14, and AT 27 X 11 R 14.

Visit the BKT website here.

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