Best Car Mods to Get Your MPG Up

Owning a car is getting exceedingly more expensive. It seems like the only news about fuel prices are about them going even higher up. Improving your fuel efficiency is not a fancy concept anymore. It stopped being all about eco-friendly trends and became more like a necessity. This situation affects practically every car owner regardless of the size of a car’s gas tank but, generally, SUV and truck drivers, along with the large beefy car fans, struggle even more. Check out collection of NOx Sensors.

So, naturally, we want to know more about driving techniques, gadgets and upgrades that can help us boost gas mileage. And here is a small review of the most popular methods to get more bang for your buck using various car modifications.

What trick gives the best gas mileage?

Figuring out performance is a complicated feat to achieve. There are too many factors that affect gas mileage. Some are outside your control, but others are well within reach. The trick is to figure out what can be causing your gas mileage to drop in the first place. If you live in an area with busy traffic, cold winters, bad roads and things that directly influence your car’s efficiency and your driving style, there is little you can do to balance it out.

However, if that is not the case there are many opportunities to shift toward better MPG very fast. Depending on how far you want or are willing to go, there are simple tweaks, tricks, or serious modifications for you to choose from. “The first step is always about setting goals and limits,” recommends Oliver Brown, Data Coordinator at “Ask yourself what increase you want to get and how much time and money you can spend to get it.”

Return of investment is always an important thing to consider. On paper, any performance upgrade sounds awesome, but only math can show you what you pay for and what you actually get. With some more expensive mods, you should expect to drive for a few years just to return the amount of money you spent and only after that will you actually start to benefit from them.

How can I improve my MPG with mods?

The simplest thing you can change to get a slight change in MPG is to improve aerodynamics. Look closer at your car and remove anything that can potentially increase drag. At high speed, your engine practically works to overcome the resistance from air, so getting rid of any obstacles will improve the situation. The rule of thumb is for reducing drag by every 1%, you get 0,5% more MPG.

Of course, nobody forces you to calculate the drag coefficient in your garage, that is cruel. Remember that you might get better gas mileage if you remove roof racks when you don’t need them and add spoilers for your car’s make and model. Cargo on your roof, for instance, can reduce your MPG (depending on the speed and driving style) by anywhere around 2%-25%.

Studies by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) show that active use of electrical equipment while you are driving also reduces MPG by a surprising amount of 5%–25%. Consider not using your AC and infotainment too much or switch to power-efficient gadgets. And grab a power bank instead of charging your phone in the car.

Another thing to consider is weight. It is an essential spec that keeps your car glued to the road and gives you more control. But you shouldn’t ever have too much of a good thing, right? EPA warns that every extra 100 lbs equal 1% of lost MPG. If you were waiting for a sign to clean up your car, this is it. Get rid of all the necessary tools, spare shoes and fishing supplies you carry around for no reason 80% of the time.

Does tuning a car reduce MPG?

Tuning is a tricky process. It should be done by a professional or otherwise, it can be a recipe for disaster, not for fuel efficiency. This method is rather popular among hardcore car performance enthusiasts for a good reason.

If your car is out of sync, yes, your engine will burn more fuel and lose efficiency. In this case, your car can benefit from good tuning and improve MPG. Sometimes a 4% boost is already a win, especially if you pair it up with the abovementioned tricks.

What parts improve MPG?

You can hate or love aftermarket performance parts, but they remain “a thing” regardless because if picked and installed correctly, they give you results. We will not bring up the outlandish idea of replacing an engine in this article, but there are more affordable things you can do to see the difference.

Car parts become less efficient over time, and the best thing you can do to boost performance is to replace them on time. This applies to air filters, spark plugs, tires and even headlights. Switching light bulbs in your car will give you only a fraction of a real boost, but sometimes it is all about stacking buffs whenever you can get them.

Is it realistic to get 100 MPG?

Getting 100 MPG is possible, but it will feel like eating a raw unpeeled potato instead of getting fries with ketchup. That is why setting a realistic gas mileage goal in the very beginning is a must. If you want to get a big increase, keep in mind that it comes at a price. And that price is usually not just money, but other features that make driving pleasant.

If you want to cut the fuel expenses that much, maybe try riding a bike from time to time if the weather is nice outside. It is good for health, great for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and is virtually free.

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