Australian tire recycler plans to expand into the European market

Australian tire recycler Green Distillation Technologies, developer of the world-first technology that turns end of life tyres (ELTs) into high value, refinery-ready oil, carbon and steel, believes it can now expand into the European Market.

GDT Chief Operating Officer Trevor Bayley said that the recent statement by Faziler Cinaraip at the webinar organized by the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) who said that only 42 percent of the 12 million tonnes of ELTs generated in Europe each year are recycled, had heightened their interest.

“We are working hard to bring our first two Australian processing facilities in Warren in Western New South Wales and Toowoomba in Southern Queensland into full production and have plans for five other Australian plants in Gladstone, Wagga, Geelong, Elizabeth and Collie Western Australia,” Bayley added.

“In addition, we are in negotiations to finalise agreements for plants in the US, UK and South Africa.”

“Each plant will have a capacity to process 19,300 tonnes of ELT’s comprising a mix of passenger car, 4WD and truck tires,” Trevor Bayley said.

He said that the volume of valuable recycled material that is produced by the process is quite impressive and a typical 10 kg car tire will yield 3.7 litres of oil, 4.68 kg of carbon, 1.95kg of steel, a 70kg truck tire will provide 26 litres of oil, 33 kg of carbon, 13.65 kg of steel and a 4 tonne oversize mining dump truck tire will yield 1,570 lites oif oil,1.7 tonnes of carbon, 0.76 tonne of steel.

“There is no shortage of raw material as there are 1.5 billion ELT discarded globally each year together with an existing stockpile of at least that volume in dumps around the world.

“In the light of this burgeoning environmental disposal problem our approach provides a recycling solution as we are able to turn a world environmental problem into valuable and highly saleable materials,” he said.

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