Atturo’s knife-inspired tread cuts up rule book

The tread on the Atturo Trail Blade Boss is based on a knife.

Atturo’s knife-inspired tread cuts up rule book

SUV, crossover and light truck tire specialist Atturo is set to release its latest range of Trail Blade off-road tires.

The Trail Blade Boss was on display to the industry for the first time at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, attracting attention for its distinctive knife-inspired tread pattern.

While Atturo’s last two Trail Blade tires have also been based on knife designs, the Boss stands out because its large blade–shaped tread blocks cross the centerline of the tire.  Atturo claims the unusual feature gives the tire better grabbing ability with company president Michael Mathis telling Traction: “This thing is going to hold up no matter what it hits — it has a lot of stability to it.”

The design made the tire stand out so much that Four Wheeler Network named it on its list of “12 crazy tire treads” seen at this year’s SEMA.

The Trail Blade Boss will be produced in 37-inch and larger sizes and will be available in spring.

“It has a full hard three-ply sidewall, very thick rubber around that sidewall so it has puncture resistance as well as load capacity,” Mathis said.

“The big tread lugs on the side serve two main features apart from looking good. First, they give you additional puncture resistance. Usually when these guys are using these things off-road they air them down to about a third of the air pressure you would use on the street, so this is a critical part of the tire. If the tire is in deep mud, this part of the tire is laying out flatter so this is actually giving you grip.


A close look at the Atturo Trail Blade Boss’s tread

Unique blade pattern a collaboration with knife designer

The knife-shaped tread pattern is taken from a blade called Boss Hog, designed by Texas-based Quartermaster Knives.
Mathis said inspiration for the Trail Blade ranges’ distinctive knife theme came from a Quartermaster knife he owned at the time Atturo was developing its first off-road tire.

“We’d gone all over the place on different tread designs and really weren’t coming up with anything that felt unique or that we felt was going to bring some kind of performance difference to the market,” he said.

“At the time I happened to have a knife I’d bought just because I felt it was intriguing because it had a blade design I’d never seen before. As I’m looking at my computer screen at these tire models I didn’t like, I’m looking across my desk at this knife and I thought ‘hey, let me reach out to that company that made the knife and see if they might be willing to collaborate’.

“That particular knife has that claw-shaped hook, the origin is from Indonesia and it was modeled on a tiger claw, so it’s obviously something that’s supposed to claw through the ground and dig and grip.

“It really worked for us. People really liked it and the tire performed great for us.”

Atturo releases new winter tires, increases size range

Atturo also released a new winter tire at this year’s SEMA, the AW730. It is a directional, studded tire for SUVs that will be available in sizes 16 through 22 (including 21-inch) for the 2016 winter season. It is also adding new sizes in its existing product lines.


The Atturo AW730

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