Atturo Tires’ Trail Blade Boss takes on ‘World’s Toughest Off-Road Race’

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Five Ultra4 race car drivers will be riding on Trail Blade BOSS Atturo Tires at the 2021 King of the Hammers off-road race on Feb 1-6 in Johnson Valley, California.

The BOSS features a heavy-duty tread inspired by the BOSS HOG knife, a blade made for hard-core use.

During the 2020 King of the Hammers, 55 percent of the participants didn’t even finish the race. But Ultra4 driver Edwin Abd did, completing the grueling course on a single set of Trail Blade BOSS tires – with zero tire failures. (See photos embedded below and attached.)

“The King of the Hammers is designed to push man and machine to their breaking point, and only a handful of tire brands even attempt the race,” says Atturo Tire Marketing Manager Joe Gomez. “But during the 2020 King of the Hammers, our Trail Blade BOSS dominated the course. We’re very proud of what Edwin Abd accomplished using the same BOSS tires available to consumers – and we’re excited to see how the tire performs for drivers in this year’s race.”

For the 2021 King of the Hammers race, five Ultra4 vehicle drivers using the BOSS tires will participate in three separate classes, with the finals on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 5-6, livestreamed at Below is the list of the Atturo-sponsored 2021 King of the Hammers Drivers, along with their race numbers and the size of the BOSS tires on their vehicle:

  • 4400 Class – Qualifying Race 2/2 (9 a.m. PST), Finals 2/6 (8 a.m. PST)
    • Edwin Abd – Driver #4475 (driving on 40×13.50R17 BOSS)
  • 4800 Class – Qualifying Race 2/2 (9AM PST), Finals 2/5 (8AM PST)
    • Chuck Crossland ­– Driver #4869 (driving on 37×12.50R17 BOSS)
    • John Hultsman – Driver #4863 (driving on 37×12.50R17 BOSS)
    • Justin Barth – Driver #417 (driving on 37×12.50R17 BOSS)
    • Michael Hen – Driver #25 (driving on 37×12.50R17 BOSS)
  • 4600 (Stock) Class – Qualifying Race 2/2 (9AM PST), Finals 2/5 (8AM PST)
    • Dean Atkin – Driver #4676 (driving on 35×12.50R17 BOSS)

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