Atturo Tire Corp Introduced Industry-First ‘Trail Hazard’ Protection for UTV Tires

Atturo has established a Powersports industry-first Trail Hazard™ protection program to cover tire damage from both ON AND OFF-ROAD use. From the first-time people took their vehicles off-roading, one of the major concerns was tire damage. Avid off-roaders will inevitably experience a flat tire at some point. Trail recovery gear is essential to get your customers and their machines home. Once home, there remains the cost of repairing or replacing the tire.

The Atturo Trail Hazard™ program will cover all Trail Blade SXS tires anywhere a consumer may go in their UTV. This protection is provided by Atturo at no additional charge to the consumer with every new Atturo Trail Blade SXS tire. Coverage applies to use on any surface – pavement, rocks, trails, sand, and open fields. 

According to Michael Mathis, President of Atturo Tire, “The Trail Blade SXS tire starts with the strength of steel belted radial construction, built on the most modern equipment. Our tire construction and tread design will help reduce punctures and damage. The Trail Hazard™ program takes that strength and confidence even further and covers the cost when that unfortunate damage to a tire from off-road use occurs. If one of our Trail Blade SXS tires is popped on a rock on the trail, we will replace it. No other brand stands behind their UTV tire like Atturo. We want our customers to enjoy their time outdoors without worrying about the cost of an unexpected tire repair or replacement.”

The manufacturer’s Trail Hazard™ program covers every Atturo Trail Blade SXS tire for:

  • 24 months from the date on the customer’s tire purchase invoice
  • Flat tire repairs up to $40 per occurrence
  • Tire replacement when the tire is not repairable

The Trail Hazard™ protection attaches to every new Trail Blade SXS tire automatically. There is no registration required. Consumers simply need to keep their original proof of purchase and installation. In the event of a claim, Atturo’s customer service team is ready to help. Full Trail Hazard™ Terms, Conditions, and Limitations can be found at

Atturo Tire released the Trail Blade SXS range at SEMA in November. Now, Atturo will bring the Trail Blade SXS series directly to the Powersports industry with our exhibit at the AIMExpo. Visit them to see this exciting new line of tires and learn more about the Trail Hazard™ program.


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