ATG’s new Hulk skid steer tire ready for ‘severe duty’


Off-the-road tire specialist company Alliance Tire Group (ATG) has released a new skid steer tire, the Galaxy Hulk Deep-Tread SDS.

The tire is the latest addition to the Galaxy severe duty solid (SDS) line, which also contains solid versions of the company’s Beefy Baby and Yardmaster tires. It has been introduced to the market in two common sizes — 30×10-16 and 33×12-16 — both with and without apertures.

The tire has a massive block tread pattern and a solid construction — which is not a surprise given it’s designed to handle the toughest challenges in material handling, construction and farming.

Alliance Tire Americas’ manager of special product programs Seth Walters said the chevron-and-block pattern of the Hulk SDS tread provided “excellent self-cleaning while delivering long service life on all surfaces with its high 68 percent rubber-to-void ratio.”

Ideal for quarries, mills, scrapyards and dairies

“As part of the growing Galaxy SDS solids lineup, the Hulk SDS delivers the same… tread pattern and depth that has made it popular worldwide, now in a solid design for even longer service life,” he said.

“In severe service use, the solid Hulk ensures that downtime is virtually eliminated, load capacity is increased and tire life is more than doubled.

“We’re seeing a lot of excitement about the new Hulk SDS from people who use their skid steers in real severe duty situations, including waste handling facilities, scrap metal yards, steel mills, rock quarries, dairy farms and other sites where puncture and excessive wear are constant challenges.”

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