ASA TireMaster Shops to go digital with BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

asa tiremaster bolton

ASA TireMaster Shops continue to enhance operations and customer experience by going digital with BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY. TireMaster shops will now have digital tools powered by Bolt On Technology, creating a more efficient and productive shop.

The company believes convenience is as important to shop owners as it is to their customers. Mobile technology helps to reduce paperwork and all related inefficiencies by connecting directly to the point-of-sale, a common request among tire dealers. Time is money and, with critical information available at the touch of a tablet, shops now have the tools for a more productive and profitable day.

While the advantages are easy to see in the shop, TireMaster customers can benefit as well. Digital inspections with photos texted directly to customers will help show, not just tell, why repairs and services are necessary. “Most customers can’t tell the difference between a 7/32-inch and 2/32-inch tread depth, but a photo is worth a thousand words,” said Mike Risich, founder and CEO of BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY. “It’s a real game-changer for tire dealers and how they communicate with their customers.”

For more information regarding BOLT ON’s partnership with ASA TireMaster shops or to schedule a live demonstration with a member of the BOLT ON team, visit

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