ASA Automotive Systems adds new web-based platform, SideKick360

ASA Automotive Systems adds a new web-based platform, SideKick360 to its shop management software offering aimed at helping ASA dealers increase ticket value and sell more services, with the announcement of an exclusive partnership with Epicor. Epicor’s SideKick360 is now available to companies running ASA’s TireMaster software.

“At ASA we continually invest in technology and market-leading partnerships to extend the power of our shop management software systems,” said Dave Vogel, General Manager of ASA Automotive Systems. “Epicor has been a longstanding partner of ASA and we are excited about our exclusive partnership with Epicor’s SideKick360 to help our TireMaster customers efficiently find maintenance items due on every vehicle that enters their shop to drive more maintenance sales.”

Epicor’s SideKick360 comprises five core applications that provide on-demand reporting and operations tools designed to help service writers quickly and accurately identify and quote recommended maintenance jobs based on shop-defined service schedules. SideKick360 provides maintenance recommendations based on vehicle service history and displays service history data by task. The solution’s Invoice Detail tool analyzes each new invoice to help ensure all parts and labor charges are properly listed and billed.

“Epicor’s SideKick360 integration with ASA’s TireMaster software is a game-changer,” said Jared Bailey, Director of TireMaster Operations. “TireMaster customers can now access SideKick360 from within TireMaster with a single-click to find out in seconds how many miles or how much time it has been since a customer last purchased tires, check recommended maintenance services, and efficiently pull up service history by services performed eliminating the need to click through invoice details.”

In addition, SideKick360 provides in-depth “missed opportunity” reporting to compare services recommended by the solution to those actually sold and performed.

Tim Hardin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Automotive, Epicor, said: “SideKick360 is a powerful solution that helps users approach each service opportunity in a very strategic manner, leading to a more proactive and efficient experience for the service writer and the consumer. “By extending this capability into the tire channel, we will also help independent dealers and chains tap into supplier marketing programs and promotions and gain invaluable access to service-level data that can drive better, faster decisions about which parts, tires, and other items they need to carry in each location.”

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