SEMA: American Force’s 28-inch wheels a big first

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SEMA: American Force’s 28-inch wheels a big first

American Force’s monster new 28-inch dually wheels had heads spinning at the Global Tire Expo at the SEMA Show 2016. And no wonder.

“This is something that has never been done before, and something we’re very proud of,” American Force marketing director Nick Chin said.

“Like every other wheel we make, the new 28-inch dually wheels are custom forged, made to customer specs and feature the same high quality construction for extended durability and long life.”

The wheels come with an optional 10 lug or direct bolt-on. Tri-Ace specially built a 28-inch tire for the wheel.

American force inset 1

The 28-inch American Force dually wheel and Tri-Ace tire

American Force also launched a new interactive website with a Truck Configurator tool and a gallery where customers from around the world can connect and share pictures of their rides.

Here are some of the other new wheels:

Tactical Series

A multi-piece wheel, separately forged, the five new 26 x 16 Tactical Series designs were on show for the first time at SEMA.

American Force wheel designer Max Moshel said the body of the wheel was based on a normal three-piece forged car wheel but because the third piece of the wheel was not serving a structural purpose, the designers were able to “go crazy” on the aesthetics.

American force inset 2

“Crown” from the Tactical Series

“It just adds a whole other element,” he said. “I really believe that this is going to change the world of aftermarket truck wheels a lot. People are really impressed by it, they think it’s really cool — they’ve never seen anything like it.”
American Force has also created an 18-inch version.

American force inset 3

“Toxin” from the Tactical Series

Beadlock Series

The forged aluminum Beadlock Series wheels are designed and built specifically for off-road racing, short course racing and rock crawling.

American force 4

“Dune” from the Beadlock Series

These wheels are lightweight, forged from T-6061 aluminum and locked with a beadlock ring consisting of 24 ARP bolts. The beadlock ring clamps the outer bead of the tire to prevent it from coming lose under even the harshest conditions.

The wheels are fully customizable and come in the following sizes: 17″X9″, 18″X9″ and 20″X10″.

Moshel said these were “a true beadlock wheel.”

“Some beadlock wheels aren’t true beadlocks,” he said. “This actually has a double seat. Real off-roaders and rock crawlers and people doing serious stuff with their trucks can use these wheels, it’s not just for aesthetics.”

More information is available on the website.

Sport Truck Series

The new Sport Truck Series wheels were initially designed for lowered trucks and light trucks, including the F150, RAM 1500 and Silverado 1500. Moshel said the wheels also fit other vehicles, including American muscle cars and SUVs depending on setup — which was a natural next step for the brand.

Wheels range in size from 20×7.5 to 26×15 and are fully customizable, from width and offset to application and finish.

American force inset 5

“Atomic” from the Sport Truck Series

Concave Series

The Concave Series wheels were designed to offer customers who are looking for extreme customization even more control over the look and feel of their wheels.

These wheels give a car or truck depth and offer a very different look from traditional lips, while maintaining structural durability and function.

Wheel sizes include 20×12, 22×10, 22×12, 22×16, 24×12, 26×10, 26×12 and 26×16. For more information on any of these wheels check out the American Force website.

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