Alliance Tire launches Galaxy truck and bus radial tire line

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Alliance Tire Americas has launched a new line of truck and bus radial (TBR) tires under its Galaxy brand.

The new Galaxy TBR line includes 10 designs and more than 40 sizes of 16-ply, all-steel radials, with plans for continued expansion. The new Galaxy family of truck and bus radials includes long-haul, regional and long/short hybrid tires for steer, drive and trailer positions.

“For generations, the Galaxy brand has represented the best of durability and tire technology in off-road tires,” says Dhaval Nanavati, President of ATA. “Now we’re bringing that performance and reliability to the highway with our Galaxy TBR line. Years of experience selling and servicing medium commercial truck tires have given us a great network and deep understanding of the commercial truck market, and the extensive knowledge and resources within our parent company, Yokohama Tire and Rubber Company, have been instrumental in establishing a world-class commercial truck tire manufacturing program.

“It’s very exciting to be able to combine our manufacturing expertise and market knowledge to bring our own truck and bus radials—with their strong margins, great reliability, and the backing of ATA—to dealers across the United States,” he adds.

© Alliance Tire

“Our manufacturing process complies with ISO, BH OSAS and VCA standards, and many of our Galaxy TBR tires are also verified under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program for low rolling resistance and great fuel economy,” he notes. “Every Galaxy TBR casing is warrantied for two retreads. The bottom line is that Galaxy provides truckers with a lot of rubber on the road, great peace of mind, and lower total cost of ownership, and provides tire dealers with a profitable, reliable line of tires.”

Nanavati notes that Galaxy TBR tires have been in the market since last summer, and have performed extremely well on regional and long-haul fleets.

“We believe in meticulous QA/QC in the factory and then proving our products in the real world. We’ve seen outstanding results from these Galaxy truck tires,” he says. “The Galaxy TBR line brings a great new offering to commercial tire dealers.”

Galaxy TBR tires are available container-direct or through ATA’s network of warehouses across the United States.

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