Alliance Tire adds new sizes to the Galaxy Garden Pro XTD tire

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Alliance Tire announced it has added 12 new sizes to the Galaxy Garden Pro XTD tractor tire.

“Six years ago, we introduced the first turf-friendly, hybrid-tread radial to the compact and sub-compact tractor market as the Galaxy Garden Pro, and we’re doubling down on our commitment to radials in this application,” says Nick Phillippi, product manager for Alliance Tire Americas.

“Radial turf tires like the Garden Pro XTD have a bigger footprint, better traction, more flotation, greater fuel economy and a softer ride,” he explains. “On top of that, the even footprint of the radial tire ensures more even tread wear, lengthening the life of the tire.”

In addition to added tread depth, the Galaxy Garden Pro XTD sizes feature a new, high-density compound and refinements in the innovative block tread pattern that ATG developed to combine the best aspects of lug-style R-1 and R-4 designs with the block design of R-3 tires.

© Alliance Tire

“Some people call this kind of design an “R-5,” while others refer to it as an “R-3+,” Phillippi says. “Whatever you like to call it, that hybrid of blocks arrayed in a curved lug-style pattern gives you more biting edges for extra traction, better self-cleaning from the extra voids, and less wear on hard surfaces. That long life is backed up by our special, new compound that makes the Garden Pro XTD even better suited for snow and cold-weather.

“It’s a tire that’s built for all-season performance on cropland, turf, orchards and vineyards, forage and mixed-surface environments,” he notes.

The Garden Pro XTD extension adds 12 new sizes to the 22 existing sizes in the Garden Pro line. With sizes for 12-to-24-inch rims—including new 17.5 and 19.5-inch sizes—ATG has ensured that the new Galaxy Garden Pro XTD will fit nearly any compact or sub-compact tractor on the market as well as a wide range of mowers and other turf equipment, Phillippi says. The Galaxy Garden Pro XTD extension includes the following new sizes:

  • 420/85R24 (16.9LR24)
  • 265/70R16.5 (10R16.5)
  • 305/70R16.5 (12R16.5)
  • 385/65R19.5 (15R19.5)
  • 355/65R17.5 (14R17.5)
  • 315/55R12 (26X12.00R12)
  • 215/45R10 (18X8.50R10)
  • 400/70R20 (43X16.00R20)
  • 215/65R14 (25X8.50R14)
  • 215/70R15 (27X8.50R15)

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