What to expect at Advanced Tire Technology Summit 2016

The latest in tire manufacturing, technology and regulation is on the agenda at Advanced Tire Technology Summit 2016.

What to expect at Advanced Tire Technology Summit 2016

The program for January’s Advanced Tire Technology Summit in Charleston, South Carolina, is available. Everything from consumer price points to European labeling laws and Chinese imports is on the agenda. Scheduled speakers include CenTiRe Managing Director Ronald Kennedy, Tire Industry Research Head of Research David Shaw, as well as representatives from Pirelli Tire Italy, Cooper Tire, Goodyear and Michelin.

Program Director Soud Mansour said while the industry is growing quickly, it faces challenges with regulatory requirements, cost-effective materials and lack of standardization for technological integration.

“This year’s summit will bring together key regulators, auto and tire industry experts, researchers and tire retailers to collaborate on how the industry can continue to innovate while meeting the regulatory requirements and being mindful of pressure from consumers to keep costs down,” he said.

Attendees will learn from experts about the latest developments in sustainable materials, implementing RFID chips and sensors in tires, as well as the airless tire concept. Industry leaders will review efforts to standardize technological integration worldwide and outline how manufacturers are optimizing processes to cut costs and improve timelines. .

In a paper on smart tires,  speaker David Shaw investigates the technology being installed into tires for bus and truck fleets. He’ll also take a look into a potential future where GPS could help drivers avoid slippery patches of road and in which driverless cars use tire-grip data to determine safe cornering speeds. U.K. based Shaw will host a session on the European and Asian labeling laws and what it means for the U.S.

Meanwhile, tire design and compounding continues to improve in response to a government push for higher Corporate Average Fuel Economy. Cooper Tire’s Greg Bowman and Adam Homan will speak on how alternative materials are being used to reduce rolling resistance and meet CAFE standards. A panel discussion on day two of the conference will focus on what tire manufacturers are doing to improve efficiency while still delivering on performance.

A full program and registration portal is available at the Advanced Tire Technology website. Early registration discounts end on December 11th.

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