Here are accessories you can choose from for your Electric Car

If you just purchased a new electric vehicle, you are likely enjoying the benefits of not having to frequently stop for gas while traveling to work in your new ride. Now that you have an electric car, be sure to invest in all the accessories you need to keep the car running smooth and the drive feeling good.

Electric Vehicle Charger

The first essential accessory you will need is an electric vehicle (EV) charger. There are three main kinds of charging units: rapid chargers, fast chargers and slow units. These represent the charging speeds of the units. Slower units are best suited for overnight charging. Beyond the kinds of charging units you could get, you might want to consider how the charging unit will get the energy for your electric car. Consider getting a solar EV charger that will harness solar power to charge your car. You could also get units that connect directly to your house and add to your electric bill. If your house has solar panels on it, that’s another great way to use renewable energy to power your vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Sticker

While electric vehicles are becoming more recognizable, there are still plenty of people who would not consider getting an electric vehicle and might not know how many are actually on the road today. Get a bumper sticker that shows your pride in owning an electric vehicle. Not only does it add some decoration to your car, it also shows the other drivers on the road that electric vehicles are becoming more popular. If you get one that says “go green” or “make electric affordable,” you can be a source of subtle activism on the road.

Electric Car Blanket

Another fun accessory for your car is an electric blanket! Some electric blankets are made with chords that plug into the cigarette lighters in cars. That way, you can keep a blanket in your car for colder days. You can warm the blanket up in your car right before an outdoor sporting event or use it to keep leather seats warm in cold months.

Electric Car Tires

While the tires you had on your regular car might be fine, it is worth investing in tires that will work better on electric vehicles. Tires on an electric vehicle have to be durable enough to stand up to the instant torque on the vehicles and need to help extend the car’s driving range. Some tire companies make tires that are specifically designed with these specifications in mind. Getting those tires and taking care of them by realigning them often and keeping air pressure regular will help your electric vehicle ride more smoothly.

All-Weather Floor Mats

One accessory you may want to get for your electric vehicle – or any vehicle for that matter – is a set of all-weather floor mats. Companies provide different color and sizing options that work great with whichever vehicle model you have. Floor mats are a great investment because they will protect the floor of your vehicle.

Tool Kit

For any new car purchase, the most important accessory you can buy is a tool kit. If you have a screwdriver, a wrench and other tools in your car at all times then you will always be prepared for an emergency. Jumper cables and a car lift are equally important and can allow you to help a neighbor whose car will not start or navigate changing a flat tire an hour away from home.

There are plenty of other car accessories you could get for your new car. Air fresheners, car wipes and window cleaner are also vital accessories to have to keep your vehicle looking like new for longer. Electric vehicles are meant to be cleaner and better for the environment overall, so the better you take care of your vehicle, the longer it will last. Maybe your new car can even take you on a cross country road trip in the near future.

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