6 Must Have Car Accessories You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Whether you spend hours commuting every day, or you are planning an extended road trip, there are some great car accessories that can help make driving more enjoyable. And, while pretty much everyone knows they should have a first aid kit and phone charger in their vehicle, some of the best gadgets this year are things you may not have even known existed. Keep reading to hear about these five must-have car accessories for 2019.

Rooftop Accommodations

Seriously, what could be more convenient on a long trip that having your overnight accommodations right on your roof? There are several options to choose from if you decide to go this route. Check out our top pick, the Tepui Tents Explorer Series Ayer 2 Tent. This is an enclosed rooftop tent setup that simply pops out of its shell, taking you from parking the car to a campsite in about a minute. We like the Explorer series for its small footprint that makes it ideal for crossovers and sedans. SO, go ahead and hook it on to your Subaru Crosstrek crossbars before you hit the road so you never have to worry about where you’ll sleep. If you would rather sleep in a hammock, there are several that will have you swaying in the breeze while mounted to your car’s roof rails as well.

Coffee Brewer

For true coffee lovers who can’t imagine getting behind the wheel without their favorite caffeinated beverage, a mobile coffee maker might be just the right car accessory. These run off vehicles electronics system by plugging into the USB port or auxiliary outlet. You should be able to have a barista-quality beverage in just a few minutes with most of the most popular models of brewers. For those of you that prefer a cup of tea, vehicle tea kettles are also an option. These can heat water for tea or cocoa, and some may even heat soup for a quick lunch.

Head Up Display (HUD)

These little devices work by transmitting data from your vehicle to a display on the windshield. Designed to keep your attention focused on the road ahead of you instead of on your dashboard. You may also find a HUD that can work with your cell phone or GPS device to project its turn by turn navigation directions directly on to the windshield.

Connected Car Assistant

These clever little devices plug into the OBD port on your vehicle. they are compatible with most cars made after 1996 and can help with a wide variety of services. At the least, this tiny plug will clear up any questions about any warning or check engine lights that might come on. Some connected car devices may monitor your driving style, track your trips and vehicle location, and even call for help if you are in an accident.

Air Purifier

Don’t settle for masking odors in your car with air fresheners. Make sure everyone has real fresh air instead by adding a portable vehicle air purifier, like the Phillips GoPure Compact unit. It removes up to 99% of chemicals and toxic gasses from the air and is designed to work up to three times better than ionizing units at removing residual smoke and odor from tobacco use.

Safety Devices

These small devices can range from a credit card-sized seat belt cutter to a flashlight that also houses a glass hammer and razor-sharp knife. Pick the one that will best fit in an easy to reach storage space in your car, and make sure everyone knows it is there. If there was to be an emergency where you couldn’t unlatch a seat belt or open your door, these little tools can help get you out of the car quickly and safely. While you are shopping for safety devices, make sure you pick out an automotive first aid kit. It should be able to handle everything from minor scrapes and burns to emergency shelters and a shock blanket.

If you are like millions of other people, you spend countless hours each week in your car. Don’t dread the time you spend behind the wheel. Instead, try one of these great car accessories to add some fun, practicality, or even a touch of spontaneity, to your next trip.

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