4 Ways to Fund Your Bike Upgrade

Are you looking to boost your riding performance? Perhaps you need to improve your comfort on the road as you take up cycling? Or maybe you simply want to treat yourself to the latest bike must-haves because you have achieved a new cycling goal? Either way, you cannot go wrong with a few bike upgrades.

Unfortunately, while these upgrades are worth their weight in gold, they definitely do not come cheap. Here is some advice in terms of the types of bike upgrades to buy when you are leaving the car at home and how to go about funding them if you do not have the cash in your pocket.

Funding your upgrades

The good news is that there are various ways in which to fund your upgrades. Here is a breakdown:

  • Credit card: As long as you know that you can afford to settle the monthly repayments (you don’t want to miss any and affect your credit score), a credit card will allow you to invest in your upgrades immediately and with minimal hassle.
  • Loans: There are a few different types of loans to explore as funding options. If you are a tad short on cash between now and payday, and you know that you can pay off what you owe in the short-term, then payday loans are the way to go. However, if you would like a longer repayment period and a larger loan, personal loans are likely to be the answer. You can apply for either from most reputable lenders, such as CashLady.
  • Saving up: If you do not want to shoulder any debt, put your patience into practice and strive to save up over time instead.
  • Borrow money from loved ones: This is indeed an option, but it is also one of the riskiest. Keep in mind that your relationship can take a knock if you run into financial difficulty and cannot pay the money back as initially agreed.

Which bike upgrades are best?

The first bike upgrade to consider is a new pair of wheels. It is amazing at how removing a few grams can make such a significant difference to your overall riding performance. Look for wheels that are stiffer and more aerodynamic, and you will notice that your bike handles better, climbs better, and feels more stable all around.

Your next area of focus should be your tyres. Remember, it is essential to replace your tyres at least once a year. Further to this, if you live and ride in an area that sees extreme winter temperatures and icy roads, you will need a separate set of tyres for both summer and winter.

High-end callipers are another bike upgrade to consider if you want to improve your confidence and really push yourself. After all, if you know that your bike is equipped to brake hard and fast, you will be more inclined to ramp up the speed and reach new personal bests. If callipers seems a bit costly, look into investing in new brake pads instead. They are usually a lot more affordable than callipers and can provide a similar effect. Just be sure to spend a bit extra on a reputable brand, such as SwissStop.

You now know what upgrades you require and how to pay for them. There is only one thing left to do!

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