4 car questions that a customer wants you to know the answers to

As you prepare to buy a new car, you may eagerly be looking forward to driving around in a stylish vehicle with low miles that is in great condition. You may be in the market for a brand new car or a gently-used vehicle. In both cases, you understandably need to make a smart decision about your vehicle selection. The car that you select needs to be in great condition and affordable for your budget. More than that, it should meet all of your needs. You can learn a lot about a vehicle by test driving it and reviewing it closely from inch to inch, but you also need to ask the seller or salesperson some specific questions about the vehicle so that you make a better decision.

Is the Vehicle Affordable to Insure?

One of the most significant factors that affects the cost of your car insurance is the vehicle itself. The vehicle’s repair and replacement costs, its mileage and features, how many miles you plan to put on the car each year, its safety and security features and many other factors all play a role in the cost of insurance. Remember that your own personal factors also impact insurance costs, such as your age, gender, zip code and driving record. While you can learn about insurance affordability by speaking to the seller or a dealership representative, you also should request car insurance quotes to get a better idea about this aspect of the cost of ownership.

What Are the Purchase Fees?

Some auto buyers believe that the only cost to buy the vehicle is the car’s sales price, but this is false. There are many other fees associated with the purchase that can add up. For example, the financing charges, taxes, registration and delivery fees are some of the other fees required to finalize the purchase. You may be able to roll some or all of these fees into your car loan. However, you need to be approved for a large enough car loan amount to incorporate all of these additional expenses into your car loan. Remember that these expenses will also impact your monthly auto loan payment if you roll them into your car loan.

What Warranty Is Available?

If you have plans to purchase a brand new vehicle, you may be eager to own a vehicle that has years left on the warranty. Many new vehicles are sold with at least a three-year warranty, and some are sold with a six to ten-year warranty. Because the warranty period varies substantially, take note of the availability warranty before finalizing your buying decision. If you plan to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, remember that a manufacturer’s warranty is usually extended to

a second owner. However, if the vehicle has more miles on it, the warranty may no longer be in effect. When buying a pre-owned car from a dealership, you may be able to purchase an extended warranty for an additional fee.

What Is the Vehicle’s History?

Asking about the vehicle’s history is not as important when buying a new car in comparison to when you are buying a used car. A new car typically has never been owned before, but there is a chance that the vehicle was used as a test drive model. This means that many people may have been in and out of the car, and it may have more miles on it. However, it generally may still be in great condition. You may still be able to negotiate a discount if the car was used as a test drive model. When buying a pre-owned car, the vehicle’s history will tell you if it has been involved in an accident and how frequently it has been serviced. If it needs quick, efficient service, check out an auto repair shop in Salt Lake City to make sure the car is functioning properly. These factors can indicate whether the vehicle should be priced on the higher or lower end of the market value spectrum.

It is easy to fall in love with the style of a new vehicle and with all of its amazing features. Avoid making a hasty buying decision, and focus your attention on getting answers to these important questions so that you can make the most informed decision possible when buying your next vehicle.

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